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Ferrari 360 Manual Spider


A beautiful late manual Ferrari 360 Spider. This car is in the perfect colour combination of Rosso Corsa with Sabbia leather electric seats and red carpets.

The interior features climate control, electric windows and heated door mirrors. The wings are embellished with after-market Scuderia shields. It is accompanied by a complete factory book pack, stamped service book, numerous invoices plus its original tool-kit.

Known to us for some years, this car has covered just over 38,000 miles and has been serviced primarily by Ferrari main agents for most of its life, with additional work carried out in recent years by Aldous.

The car is only being sold due to the owner having an issue with garaging his ever growing collection of cars.

We are finding it increasingly difficult to find cars with such comprehensive service histories that have obviously always been cared for. Most cars we reject due to deferred maintenance issues. We would also argue that mileage is becoming less of an issue these days, now that this model is starting to become collectable. We value each car to a greater extent on their condition and provenance.

The bodywork is in stunning condition (apart from the front bumper which will need painting) and the hood is also in excellent condition. The car has received periodic professional detailing and is free of the typical swirl marks that many cars have.

The car is about to receive a full and comprehensive service including belts and should any further work be required to meet our demanding standards, this has already been authorised by the owner.

Registered new 01.03.05 at Meridian Modena

Service History:

09.02.06 Service at 3,061 miles at Meridian Modena

30.01.07 6,260 Service at 6,795 miles at Meridian Modena.

10.12.07 Annual service inc belts at 10,059 miles at H.R.Owen. Invoice £3,587.56

22.01.09 Annual service at 13,237 miles at H.R.Owen. Invoice £2,534.17

11.09.09 Tyres etc at H.R.Owen. Invoice £334.56

11.09.09 Tyres at H.R.Owen. Invoice £475.64

18.12.09 18,750 service at 18,235 miles at H.R.Owen. Invoice £2,548.01

21.01.11 Annual service inc belts at 24,517 miles at H.R.Owen. Invoice £3,631.20

09.06.11 Ball joints and track rod ends at 25,975 miles at H.R.Owen. Invoice £2,963

02.09.11 Wishbones plus Geo setup at 26,652 miles at H.R.Owen. Invoice £4,750.29

16.12.11 Battery at H.R.Owen. Invoice £269.47

19.01.12 Annual service plus clutch at 27,585 miles at H.R.Owen. Invoice £2,643.58

12.12.12 Service and brake pads at 30.484 miles at Autofficina. Invoice £2,024.92

02.12.13 Annual service at 32,690 miles at Graypaul Edinburgh. Invoice £719.74

31.12.13 OSF lower suspension arm at Graypaul Edinburgh. Invoice £1,220.11

10.04.14 Annual service including cambelts at 33,922 miles at Slades Garage

21.10.14 Annual service including belts at 34,875 miles at Meridian Modena. Invoice £2,145.11

11.12.15 Annual service at 36,320 miles at H.R.Owen. Invoice £749

14.12.15 Front discs and pads. Eurospares. Invoice £765.46

19.12.15 Fitting pads and discs at 36,277 miles. Aldous Voice. Invoice £150

29.03.16 Mass air flow meters. Eurospares. Invoice £248.40

21.04.16 Renew LH & RH front track rod ends, exhaust swap. Aldous Voice. Invoice £700.45

18.01.17 Annual service at 37,263 miles at H.R.Owen

06.06.17 Air filters, A/C recharge, new fluids, ball joints at AV Engineering. Invoice £1,174.57

03.01.18 Annual service at 38,058 miles at AV Engineering. Invoice £1,058.95

09.03.18 New timing belts, Cam cover gaskets and seals, new gear box mount and new coil packs at 38,058 miles at AV Engineering. Invoice £2,459.52


Year: 2005
Make: Ferrari
Model: Spider
Body Style: Convertible
Mileage: 38000
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Condition: Immaculate
Location: Challock
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 3.6L V8
Exterior Colour: Rosso Corsa
Interior Colour: Sabia
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